1. Do you make cookies or cupcakes?
    Beginning March 1, 2017, I am no longer offering cupcakes, cookies, or any specialty items. This will allow me to focus on my passion – cake.
  2. Do you use a box mix?
    All cakes are made from scratch using recipes that are tried and true.
  3. How much are your cakes anyway?
    Base price is based on number of servings. Price per serving has increased to $3.50 per serving for ALL cakes. The exceptions are sheet cakes and smash cakes. (See the chart below for prices.)
  4. When are you open? Can I just drop by?
    I am available by appointment only. My business hours have changed. My new hours are: Monday through Friday 10 am to 5 pm, Saturday 9 am to 12 noon for pick ups only. I am closed on Sunday.
  5. Ok so, how can I place an order?
    If you’re interested in ordering a cake, please call me at 432-290-5098 or email me at fscakelady@gmail.com. I’ll need to know how many servings you require to give you an accurate quote.
  6. I want to order a cake but I don’t get paid until the Friday after the party. Can you help me?
    All orders MUST BE paid in full a minimum of 2 weeks before your event. If your event is within a week, full payment is due at the time the order is placed.
  7. My wedding (or quinceanera) is coming up. We’d like to order but not sure which flavor we’d like, can we taste them?
    Tastings are available for orders over $150.00. The cost for tastings is $35.00 for 2 people. Additional guests are $5.00 per person.
  8. I am part of XYZ charity, will you donate something?
    While I believe in donating to charities and helping our community, I am limited to contributing to one charity a year, which I choose in January.
  9. I am member or Veteran of the Armed Forces, do you offer a discount?
    Yes, members and Veterans of the Armed Forces receive a 10% discount.
  10. I need to place an order at the last-minute and it must be done today by noon, can you do it?
    I’m sorry, I cannot accommodate same day orders.
  11. How can I pay for my cake?
    I accept cash and credit/debit cards.
  12. Do you offer gluten-free or sugar-free cakes?
    Nope, sorry.
  13. Can I pay you half now and half later after I get my cake?
    All orders must be prepaid. See #6 above.
  14. Do you deliver and if so what are your fees?
    Yes, I offer delivery in town for $5. Out of town deliveries are $.65/per mile round trip. For example, if you live in Imperial then the mileage would be 62 miles round trip. 62 x $.65 = $40.30.
  15. Do you charge extra for complex designs?
    Yes, depending on the complexity of the design. For example, sugar flowers and figurines would be extra.
  16. Do you offer any other sort of discounts?
  17. Can I buy my own supplies and would you make it for me minus the cost of materials?
    Nope. My reputation is attached to every cake I make. I insist on using the highest quality ingredients to ensure a quality product.
  18. I had to cancel my party for this weekend and I already paid for my cake, can I have a refund?
    I’m sorry, orders are not refundable. You can, however, use the monies paid towards a future order.
  19. I need a cake for 6 months from now can I prepay it now?
  20. I’m your cousin on your aunt’s husband’s stepdad’s side. Can I get a discount?
  21. It’s Monday, I just found out that I need a cake for this Saturday, can you help me?
    Possibly, depending on my workload. Your order will be to be paid in full when you place it.
  22. What kind of icing do you do?
    I use traditional American buttercream, aka sugar frosting. It is made with real butter and sugar.
  23. I don’t like super sweet frosting, do you have anything for me?
    My buttercream, while sweet isn’t overly so. You are able to enjoy the yummy flavors I have.
  24. What flavors do you offer?
    I offer many different flavors. You can see those here.
  25. I don’t want delivery, where do I pick up?
    My address is on the invoice I send with every order. All orders scheduled for weekend events MUST be picked up by 12 noon Saturday.
  26. If I can’t make the pickup time what happens?
    You can come pick up your cake when I open again on Monday. Please be on time.
  27. My question wasn’t addressed here, what now?
    Send me an email with your question. fscakelady@gmail.com
  28. How much are sheet cakes?
    Sheet cakes priced here are a single layer cake with no fillings.

    SIZE        SERVINGS       COST
    1/8            15          $ 40
    1/4            24          $ 50
    1/2            35          $ 70
    3/4            54          $ 90
    Full           70          $110
  29. Can I get a filling in my sheet cake?
    Yes, it is an additional $10.00.
  30. What about the smash cakes? How much are those?
    Smash cakes are $35 each.